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415 Castle Avenue | Anniston, Alabama 36205

(Ph) 256-237-8203 (Fx) 256-235-2388

CEU Information

Certificates of attendance for both “live” and “on-demand” sessions will be emailed at the completion of the one-month online event. Conference organizers will receive a report listing the length of time a participant is logged into each session to verify attendance. 

Live Two-Day Clock Hours Available

Day One = 4.0 Clock Hours

Day Two = 4.0 Clock Hours

NOTE: Not all disciplines calculate CEUs from clock hours in the same way. Your disciplinary board/organization will provide you with information on how many CEUs you will receive based on your actual clock hours.

Some organizations and licensing boards may award CEUs by submitting certificates of attendance. Please check with your licensing agency for requirements.

CEUs have been pre-approved by the following organizations based on documented clock hours:

  • Alabama Board of Social Work Examiners (Live sessions only count toward “Classroom” hours.)
  • Alabama Board of Examiners for Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology (ABESPA) has approved both sessions during the live two-day conference and on-demand recordings following the live event. For a list of Content Areas approved, see the below “Documentation of Attendance Clock Hours” form.
  • American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)-Only sessions during two-day live conference are approved.

Instructions for ASHA CEUs: Complete the ASHA participant packet electronically or by hand and EMAIL to jcarden@ucphuntsville.org no later than October 27th. These will be submitted on October 28th and no forms received after the 27th can be sent.

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