2023 Call for Proposals

The Alabama Early Intervention and Preschool Conference Planning Committee is pleased to announce that proposals are now being accepted for the 2023 conference. This conference is designed to share information and develop skills for professionals and families who work with children with disabilities (ages birth to five). The conference will take place October 16-18, 2023 in Mobile, Alabama, with a reach beyond just Alabama participants. The committee will meet in early March to begin reviewing proposals. THE FINAL DEADLINE TO SUBMIT A PROPOSAL IS 3/31/2023.

Please use the online link (https://forms.gle/TamzAcTofcnaisUV6) to complete the necessary information to process your proposal. Information requested includes the session title, lead presenter name and contact information, a brief description, dates/available, intended audience, and information for a contact person (if different than lead presenter). This information must be completed for submission to the 2023 Planning Committee before the deadline date to be considered. If you are accepted, you will be notified by email and additional information will be requested in order to move forward with the conference planning.  

Once your proposal is reviewed, you will be notified by email whether it has been approved. If accepted by the committee as a 2023 presenter, conference registration fees for the lead presenter and one co-presenter will be waived. Only two presenter conference registration fees will be waived per session without prior approval. Additional presenters must register as general attendees. You are responsible for making your own travel and hotel arrangements and covering all of your time and travel expenses. 

If you have any questions or need additional information, contact us at conference@ucphuntsville.org.

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